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Mouse MAPK Signaling qPCR array

Mouse MAPK Signaling qPCR array is available 1 time from Anygenes labs

ANGNM-MAPK1M1 | Mouse MAPK Signaling qPCR array size: 1 x 96 well primer plate | 213.22 USD

Catalog number ANGNM-MAPK1M1
Supplier AnyGenes
Price 213.22 USD
Size 1 x 96 well primer plate
MeSH Data
Name Microarray Analysis
Tree numbers
  • E05.588.570
Product images
Genes Ccna1, Ccna2, Ccnb1, Ccnb2, Ccnd1, Ccnd2, Ccnd3, Ccne1, Cdk2, Cdk4, Cdk6, Cdkn1a, Cdkn1b, Cdkn1c, Cdkn2a, Cdkn2b, Cdkn2c, Cdkn2d, E2f1, Rb1, Mapk1, Mapk10, Mapk11, Mapk12, Mapk13, Mapk14, Mapk3, Mapk6, Mapk7, Mapk8, Mapk9, Cdc42, Chuk, Grb2, Rac1, Sfn, Map2k1, Map2k2, Map2k3, Map2k4, Map2k5, Map2k6, Map2k7, Araf, Dlk1, Map3k1, Map3k2, Map3k3, Map3k4, Map4k1, Mos, Pak1, Raf1, Hspa5, Hspb1, Hras, Kras, Ksr1, Nras, Lamtor3, Mapk8ip1, Mapk8ip2, Mapk8ip3, Atf2, Col1a1, Creb1, Crebbp, Egfr, Egr1, Elk1, Ets1, Ets2, Fos, Jun, Kcnn1, Mapkapk2, Mapkapk5, Max, Mef2c, Mknk1, Myc, Nfatc4, Smad4, Trp53.
Sequence disclosure We do not standard disclose the sequence of our carefully selected and oprimized RT PCR primers.
Excel template We will supply you with a microsoft excel template to analyse the qPCR results and see the activation, or supression of genes of interestof your profiler.
Sign arrays signal transduction
Custom 96 or 384 well qPCR primers 1 euro or USD per mouse gene added to the qPCR HIPPO Signaling 1 profiling plate.
Roche LightCycler compatibility The LightCycler 480, for 96 well qPCR: XXXH1-RXS for 384 well: XXXH2-RXS. With perfect Master Mix Sybr Green: PMSX-WXS, 82 Euro
AB cycler RT PCR blocks The Applied Biosystems Step One Plus Real-Time System 96 well is used with the qPCR XXXH1-FXS with Perfect Master Mix SYBR Green PMSX-RXS, 82 USD and ABI 7900 HT (standard block) XXXH1-AXS, XXXH2-AXS, PMSX-RXS and ViiA7 system (standard block), XXXH1-AXS, XXXH2-AXS, PMSX-LRXS and QuantStudio 6, 7, 12K Flex System (standard block)
Biorad qPCR cyclers The RT PCR CFX 96 cycler, CFX 384, CFX Connect, Opticon, Chomo, iQ and MyiQ Cycler are compatible withour Perfect Master Mix SYBR Green. Contact us for the reference.
Pathway profiling The expression RT PCR profiler array is supplied in 96 and 384 well primer plates. They are used to profile cDNA from human tissues, cells or body fluids. We can perform signaling pathways analysis with only 10-100 cells with the 2018 Direct lysis to SignArray reagent. For rare or precious sampleswe use the SpeAmpn reagents to analyze until 4 signaling pathways with only 5-50ng starting amount of RNA. The adapted hot start SYBR Green qPCR kit apropriate to your Real Time PCR cycler is supplied at 82$ or Euro. Please supply us with your qPCR cyler model when ordering.
Pathway profiling outsourcing We have a large collection of cell lines and can perfome the HIPPO Signaling 1 expression profiling for you. You can send us your tissues or we have a library of tissues and can perform the RNA extraction, make the cDNA and perform the RT-PCR and qPCR for you.
QPCR Master Mix We suppy PMS reagent or Perfect Master Mix SYBRG for SignArrays 96 at 10 μl of PMS per reaction for 20 μl final volume. The reference is: PMS1-Z2S, 82 euro
Single gene qPCR Perfect Master Mix PROBE, PMP1-Z50 for 50 reactions, price: 75 eur/USD
Distribution Gentaur ensures worldwide distribution of Mouse MAPK Signaling qPCR array except for spain
Description More than 1 can be supplied by AnyGenes.Cell nucleus signaling proteins and molecules are part of a complex system of communication that governs basic cellular activities and coordinates cell actions. The ability of cells to perceive and correctly respond to their microenvironment is the basis of development, tissue repair, and immunity as well as normal tissue homeostasis. Errors in cellular information processing are responsible for diseases such as cancer, autoimmunity, and diabetes. By understanding cell signaling, diseases may be treated effectively and, theoretically, artificial tissues may be created.
Test Mouse or mice from the Mus musculus species are used for production of mouse monoclonal antibodies or mabs and as research model for humans in your lab. Mouse are mature after 40 days for females and 55 days for males. The female mice are pregnant only 20 days and can give birth to 10 litters of 6-8 mice a year. Transgenic, knock-out, congenic and inbread strains are known for C57BL/6, A/J, BALB/c, SCID while the CD-1 is outbred as strain.
Latin name Mus musculus
Gene targetMAPK Signaling qPCR
Short name Mouse MAPK Signaling qPCR array
Technique array, Mouse
Host mouse
Species Mouse
Alternative name Mouse MAPK Signaling Quantitative real-time PCR test reagent array
Alternative technique arrays
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Mouse MAPK Signaling qPCR array size: 1 x 96 well primer pla
  • MAPK
  • Signaling
  • qPCR
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