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Urokinase is available 2 times from Biovision labs

4793-100 | Urokinase size: 100 ug | 361.99 USD


4793-1000 | Urokinase, size: 1 mg | 1,457.32 USD

Synonyms Urokinase, Abbokinase, Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator,uPA, EC, UK.
Alternative_names Urokinase, Abbokinase, Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator,uPA, EC, UK.
Description A serine protease which activates zymogen
Recombinant No
Source Human urine
Purity by SDS-PAGE ≥90%
Purity ≥90%
Activity (Specifications/test method) 1 nM UK will cause a change in absorbance of 0.001 at 405 nm in 1 minute at R/T in 100 µl reaction mixture containing 0.05 M Tris-HCl, 0.1 M NaCl, pH 7.4, using S2444 (0.6mM) as the substrate.
Molecular Weight 54.0 kDa
Storage Temp. -20°C
Shipping Gel pack
Shelf Life 12 months
Appearance Lyophilized protein
Physical form description Lyophilized powder
Reconstitution Instructions Reconstitute in sterile H₂O to a concentration >100 ug/ml. The solution can then be diluted into other aqueous solutions.
Background Information Urokinase (UK) is a serine protease, which is one of biological plasminogen activators. It is involved in a number of biological functions including fibrinolysis, embryogenesis, cell migration, tissue remodeling, ovulation, and wound healing. It can be obtained from human urine or kidney cell culture. UK is a two-chain glycoprotein containing 411 amino acids with 12 dissulfide bonds. Its molecular weight is 54,000.
Handling Centrifuge the vial prior to opening.
Usage For Research Use Only! Not to be used in humans
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