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Biotin VDVAD FMK is available 2 times from Biovision labs

1032-20C | Biotin-VDVAD-FMK size: 20 µl (10 mM) | 527.59 USD


1032-20C | Biotin-VDVAD-FMK for cell activation size: 20 µl (10 mM) | 439.86 USD

Catalog number 1032-20C
Supplier Biovision
Price 439.86 USD
Size 20 µl (10 mM)
Properties Biotin conjugates can be detected by horseradish peroxidase, alkaline phosphatase substrates or anti biotin conjugated antibodies. Avidin and Streptavidin bind to the small biotin and are couple to HRP or AP for ELISA. To break the streptavidin Biotin bond we suggest to use a 6 molar guanidine HCl solution with acidity of pH 1.6.
Conjugation Biotinylated
Additional description For cells, cell lines and tissues in culture till half confluency.
Gene targetVDVAD-FMK for activation
Short name -VDVAD-FMK for activation
Alternative name biotinilated-VDVAD-FMK to measure cellular activation
Product images
Alternate Name/Synonyms Biotin-VDVAD-FMK, VDVAD-FMK, Biotin
Appearance Liquid
Formulation DMSO (10 mM)
CAS Number N/A
Peptide sequence Biotin-Val-Asp(OMe)-Val-Ala-Asp(OMe)-FMK
Molecular Formula C₄₀H₆₅FN₈O₁₂S
Molecular Weight 901.05
Purity Single spot by TLC
Solubility/Reconstitution Instructions N/A
Handling Protect from light and moisture
Tagline A Caspase-2 inhibitor
Storage Temp. -20°C
Shipping Conditions gel pack
Shelf Life 12 months
MDL Number N/A
PubChem CID N/A
Category Caspase Inhibitor
Description This is a synthetic peptide that irreversibly inhibits caspase-2 and related caspase activity. It is a biotinylated derivative of the Caspase-2 inhibitor Z-VDVAD-FMK (Cat # 1142). This conjugation with biotin allows detection of activated caspases in conjunction with avidin-tags. The inhibitor is designed as a methyl ester to facilitate cell permeability. (CAUTION: If the intended use is on purified or recombinant enzymes, esterase should be added to generate free carboxyl groups).
CAS number N/A
Molecular weight 901.05
Other name Biotin-VDVAD-FMK, VDVAD-FMK, Biotin
Molecular formula C₄₀H₆₅FN₈O₁₂S
Physical appearance Liquid
Supplied with DMSO (10 mM)
Is this a salt? No
Is it cell-permeable? Yes
Purification Single spot by TLC
Reconstitute instructions N/A
Storage condition -20°C
Shipping condition gel pack
Maximum time for storage 12 months
Storage instructions Protect from light and moisture
Technique activation
Label Biotin
Tissue cell
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-VDVAD-FMK for activation | Technique alternative | 01012195
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