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Histofine High Stain HRP MULTI

Histofine High Stain HRP MULTI is available 2 times from Histofine labs

414481F | Histofine High Stain HRP (MULTI) size: 170 tests | 652.88 USD

Catalog number 414481F
Supplier histofine
Price 652.88 USD
Size 170 tests

414483F | Histofine High Stain HRP (MULTI) size: 1000 tests | 1,302.12 USD

Detection on formaling fixed tissues Nichirei histofine detection reagents, 2 steps are for eliminating background in immuno-histochemical flex and quanto staining of formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissues. The ultra-view and vision of IHC tissue sections by DAB thermo dako staining uses a HRP horse red peroxidase ready-to-use high sensitive enhanced color reaction with a Hematoxilyn counterstaining. This double stain solution is flexible on autostainer with atlas primary antibodies due to the fab' fragment used in the secondairy atlas tissue staining. Stainings with dual link staining systems have similar results. Fisher, M. E. et al. Comparing 3D scientific tissue models.
Use on paraffin embedded tissues Nicherei advises for human tissue IHC staining on mouse or rabbit abs to use the Histofine High Stain HRP (MULTI) with peroxidase
Properties HRP conjugates are often primary rabbit polyclonal antibodies couples to the enzyme horseradish peroxidase (HRP), found in the roots of horseradish. Also monoclonal HRP conjugates are often used for Western Blot.
Conjugation HRP Conjugated
Gene targetHistofine Stain
Short name Histofine Stain (MULTI)
Technique multi
Label HRP
Alternative name Histofine High staining horseradish peroxidase (MULTI)
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Histofine Stain (MULTI) | Technique alternative | 0101222126
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