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Ethanol-d6 is available 1 time from Trca labs

E890124 | Ethanol-d6 size: 100 mg | 238.79 USD

Catalog number E890124
Supplier trca
Price 238.79 USD
Size 100 mg
MeSH Data
Name Ethanol
Tree numbers
  • D02.033.375
Product images
Other name Ethyl Alcohol-d6; Alcohol-d6; Alcohol-d6 Anhydrous; Algrain-d6; Anhydrol-d6; Bioethanol-d6; Black Warrant-d6; CDA 19-d6; Denatured Alcohol-d6; Denatured Ethanol-d6; Desinfektol EL-d6; Esumiru WK 88-d6; Ethicap-d6; Ethyl Hydrate-d6; Ethyl Hydroxide-d6; Germ-X-d6; Hinetoless-d6; IMS 99-d6; Infinity Pure-d6; Jaysol-d6; Jaysol S-d6; Lux-d6; Methylcarbinol-d6; Molasses Alcohol-d6; NSC 85228-d6; Neocol CQ-d6; Potato Alcohol-d6; SDA 3A-d6; SY Fresh M-d6; Sekundasprit-d6; Sterillium Rub-d6; Synasol-d6; Tecsol-d6; Vinic Alcohol-d6;
Melting temperature No Data Available
Stock availability In Stock
Stability conditions No Data Available
Chemical's soluble in All Organic Solvents
Physical properties Clear Colorless Liquid
Chemical's main applications Isotope labelled ethyl alcohol, used in alcoholic beverages in suitable dilutions. Other uses are as solvent in laboratory and industry , in the manufacture of denatured alcohol, pharmaceuticals, in perfumery, in organic synthesis. Used as antiseptic.
Chemical's formula C2D6O
Boiling temperature No Data Available
Storage Refrigerator
Chemical available in other sizes Please inquire size and price
Chemical's molecular weight 52.11
Cas number 1516-08-1
Chemical's category Aliphatics, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals
Gene targetEthanol-d6
Short name Ethanol-d6
Alternative name Ethanol-d6
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