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384 well PCR Plate Polypropylene

384 well PCR Plate Polypropylene is available 2 times from Genesee labs

24-305 | 384-well PCR Plate, Natural,Polypropylene size: 50 Plates/Unit | 313.35 USD


24-305W | 384-well PCR Plate, White,Polypropylene size: 10 Plates/Unit | 148.07 USD

Description Polypropylene
Group PCR, polymerase chain reaction
About TAQ or Pfu or Pfx or other enzymes are used for polycmerase chain reaction and have different specificity. The mores specific the lower the yield.
Properties Thermocyclers can be callibrated for identical ramping curves to obtain a more accurate PCR.
Additional description A microtiter plate (spelled Microtiter is a registered trade name in the United States) or microplate or micro well plate or multiwell, is a flat plate with multiple "wells" used as small test tubes. The microplate has become a standard tool in analytical research and clinical diagnostic testing laboratories. A very common usage is in the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the basis of most modern medical diagnostic testing in humans and animals. A microplate typically has 6, 24, 96, 384 or 1536 sample wells arranged in a 23 rectangular matrix. Some microplates have even been manufactured with 3456 or 9600 wells, and an "array tape" product has been developed that provides a continuous strip of microplates embossed on a flexible plastic tape.
Technique PCR
Alternative technique dna-amplification
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384 well PCR Plate Polypropylene -
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