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Canine anti-adrenocortical antibody(AAA )ELISA Kit

Canine anti-adrenocortical antibody(AAA )ELISA Kit is available 1 time from Enlibio labs

EIA05181Ca | Canine anti-adrenocortical antibody(AAA )ELISA Kit size: 1 Kit | 529.09 USD

Catalog number EIA05181Ca
Supplier Enlibio
Price 529.09 USD
Size 1 Kit
Description This antibody needs to be stored at + 4°C in a fridge short term in a concentrated dilution. Freeze thaw will destroy a percentage in every cycle and should be avoided.
Properties If you buy Antibodies supplied by Enlibio they should be stored frozen at - 24°C for long term storage and for short term at + 5°C.E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays,E05 478 566 350 170 or Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays
Test ELISA Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays Code 90320007 SNOMED
French translation anticorps
Gene targetadrenocortical AAA
Short name anti-adrenocortical antibody(AAA )ELISA Kit
Technique ELISA kit, Antibody, ELISA, anti
Host antigen assay ELISA kit 1 Kit (96 Wells)
Species From Canis lupus or the domestic dog we know mostly the Beagle to be used in drug discovery experiments.
Alternative name canine antibody to-adrenocortical (Antibody to)(AAA )Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay reagent
Alternative technique antibodies
Alternative to gene target v-kit Hardy-Zuckerman 4 feline sarcoma viral oncogene homolog, C-Kit and CD117 and PBT and SCFR, KIT and IDBG-18980 and ENSG00000157404 and 3815, transferase activity, Extracellular, Kit and IDBG-172083 and ENSMUSG00000005672 and 16590, KIT and IDBG-642326 and ENSBTAG00000002699 and 280832
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anti-adrenocortical antibody(AAA )ELISA Kit | Technique alte
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