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Synthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate

Synthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate is available 3 times from Stressmark proteins labs

SPR-203A | Synthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate size: 50 µg | 342.79 USD

Catalog number SPR-203A
Price 342.79 USD
Size 50 µg
Net weight (g) 0.1

SPR-203C | Synthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate size: 4x50 µg | 743.09 USD


SPR-203B | Synthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate size: 2x50 µg | 514.19 USD

Stock availability In Stock
Scientific context Glycated Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) with β-Galactose
Protein target Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate
Protein reactivity QC Pending
Certificate of analysis Detectable in ELISA at ≥ 5 ng.
Protein description Glycated Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) with β-Galactose
Other name Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate, Galactose-BSA Glycoconjugate, Galactose (BSA) Glycoconjugate, Galactose Bovine Serum Albumin Glycoconjugate, Bovine Serum Albumin glycated with Galactose, beta-Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate, beta-Galactose-BSA Glycoconjugate, beta-Galactose (BSA) Glycoconjugate, beta-Galactose Bovine Serum Albumin Glycoconjugate, Bovine Serum Albumin glycated with beta-Galactose, Galactose-modified BSA
Primary research area Cell Signaling, Post Translational Modifications, Glycation
Category Protein
Origin Synthetic
NCBI number Refer to NCBI
Gene number Refer to GenBank
Protein number Refer to SwissProt
Verified applications WB, ELISA
Relevant bio activity Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate
Protein expression model Synthetic
Protein charasterics See included datasheet.
Peptide sequence See included datasheet.
Protein purification Filter Sterilized (0.2 µm)
Purity pourcentage >98% High purity
Recommended buffer for storage PBS pH 7.4, 0.09% Sodium Azide
Protein concentration Lot/batch specific. See included datasheet.
Protein specificity QC Pending
Protein tag No tag
Storage recommendations -20°C
Shipping recommendations Blue Ice or 4°C
Supplementary useful information Please see included datasheet or contact us
Release date 15-Mar-2017
PubMed number Not added. Please refer to PubMed
Tested applications to be tested
Tested species reactivity to be tested
Representative figure legend Western blot analysis showing detection of 67 kDa Galactose BSA GlycoConjugate (SPR-203) using Anti-Monosaccharide (pan-specific) Antibody. Lane 1: Molecular Weight Ladder (MW). Lane 2: Galactose-BSA (SPR-203) (1.0 µg). Lane 3: Galactose-BSA (SPR-203) (0.5 µg). Block: 5% Skim Milk in 1X TBST. Primary Antibody: Anti-Monosaccharide (pan-specific) Antibody at 1:1000 for 2 hours at RT. Secondary Antibody: Goat Anti-Mouse IgG: HRP at 1:2000 for 60 min at RT. Color Development: Luminol for 1 min at RT. Predicted/Observed Size: 67 kDa. Western Blot of Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate Protein (SPR-203)
Warnings Non-hazardous materials
Protein origin Canada
Total weight (kg) 1.4
Gene targetSynthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate
Short name Synthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate
Alternative name Synthetic Galactose cow serum albumin Glycoconjugate
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Synthetic Galactose BSA Glycoconjugate | Technique alternati
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