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Cathine CAT Rapid Test

Cathine CAT Rapid Test is available 3 times from Alltests labs

DCA-102x10 | Cathine - CAT - Rapid Test Cassette size: 40 Test/Kit x 10 | 534.25 USD

Catalog number DCA-102x10
Supplier AllTests
Price 534.25 USD
Size 40 Test/Kit x 10
Format Cassette
Ordering You can order less than 10 kits, if pricing is higher than 100 Eur
Gene targetCathine CAT Rapid Test Cassette
Short name Cathine - CAT - Rapid Test Cassette
Alternative name Cathine - catalase - Rapid Test Cassette
1. Gene info
Long gene namecatalase
GenBank acession
Discovery year2001-06-22
RefSeq identity
Havana BLAST/BLATOTTHUMG00000044353
MeSH Data
Tree numbers
  • E05.599.495
Product images
    # Cat #.PNG

DCA-101x5 | Cathine - CAT - Rapid Test Dipstick size: 50 Test/Kit x 5 | 318.56 USD


DCA-114x10 | Cathine - CAT - Rapid Test Panel size: 40 Test/Kit x 10 | 559.69 USD

Status CE
Specimen Urine
Properties Felix vulgaris genes or proteins used as antigen, synthetic peptide.
Species Cat
Alternative technique tests
Alternative to gene target catalase, CAT and IDBG-39262 and ENSG00000121691 and 847, oxidoreductase activity, Plasma membranes, Cat and IDBG-193911 and ENSMUSG00000027187 and 12359, CAT and IDBG-636518 and ENSBTAG00000020980 and 531682
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Cathine - CAT - Rapid Test Cassette -
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