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Recombinant Rat EphA7 Protein Tag

Recombinant Rat EphA7 Protein Tag is available 2 times from Adv labs

RP-2126R | Recombinant Rat EphA7 / EHK3 Protein (His Tag) size: 200μg | 675.70 USD


RP-2127R | Recombinant Rat EphA7 / Eph Receptor A7 Protein (Fc Tag) size: 50μg | 737.13 USD

Catalog number RP-2127R
Supplier adv
Price 737.13 USD
Size 50μg
Target EphAD7 / Eph Receptor A7 Protein
About Rats are used to make rat monoclonal anti mouse antibodies. There are less rat- than mouse clones however. Rats genes from rodents of the genus Rattus norvegicus are often studied in vivo as a model of human genes in Sprague-Dawley or Wistar rats.
Latin name Rattus norvegicus
Description The receptors are ligand binding factors of type 1, 2 or 3 and protein-molecules that receive chemical-signals from outside a cell. When such chemical-signals couple or bind to a receptor, they cause some form of cellular/tissue-response, e.g. a change in the electrical-activity of a cell. In this sense, am olfactory receptor is a protein-molecule that recognizes and responds to endogenous-chemical signals, chemokinesor cytokines e.g. an acetylcholine-receptor recognizes and responds to its endogenous-ligand, acetylcholine. However, sometimes in pharmacology, the term is also used to include other proteins that are drug-targets, such as enzymes, transporters and ion-channels.
Additional source Recombinants or rec. proteins
Group recombinants
Gene targetEphA7 Eph Receptor Protein Tag
Short name Recombinant EphA7 / Eph Receptor A7 Protein (Fc Tag)
Technique Recombinant, FC
Label Fc tag
Alternative name recombinant Rat EPH receptor A7 / Eph Receptor A7 Protein (fragment c detection labelled)
Product images
Protein category Recombinant protein
Source Human Cells
Host Rat
Species Rat
Alternative technique rec
Alternative to gene target EPH receptor A7, EHK-3 and EHK3 and EK11 and HEK11, EPHA7 and IDBG-94407 and ENSG00000135333 and 2045, transferase activity, Plasma membranes, Epha7 and IDBG-132772 and ENSMUSG00000028289 and 13841, EPHA7 and IDBG-632324 and ENSBTAG00000021420 and 538797
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Recombinant EphA7 / Eph Receptor A7 Protein (Fc Tag) | Techn
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