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Valinomycin is available 4 times from Biovision labs

GENT-2238-50 | Valinomycin size: 1 vial x 50 mg | 325.93 USD


2238-50 | Valinomycin size: 50 mg | 427.35 USD


2238-10 | Valinomycin size: 2X10 mg | 319.09 USD


GENT-2238-10 | Valinomycin size: 1 vial x 10 mg | 134.47 USD

Original name Valinomycin
Chemical name Cyclo(D-α-hydroxyisovaleryl-D-valyl-L-lactoyl-L-valyl-D-α-hydroxyisovaleryl-D-valyl-L-lactoyl-L-valyl-D-α-hydroxyisovaleryl-D-valyl-L-lactoyl-L-valyl)
Product formulation White solid biochemical
CAS Number 2001-95-8
Chemical formula C₅₄H₉₀N₆O₁₈
Molecular weight 1111.32
Percent of purification ≥99%
Solvent/Solution concentration Dimethyl sulfoxide (25 mM) or ethyl alcohol(25 mM)
Short description This biochemical is active as a potassium ionophore that binds K⁺ and ensures the K⁺ransfer across lipid bilayers. It is also an inhibitor of Ca²⁺-ATPase activity and promotes cell death by mitochondrial swelling and autophagic processes. Antagonizes endothelin-induced vasoconstriction (IC₅₀ = 0.3 µM).
Delivery and storage The product Valinomycin should be shipped on gel packages. Upon receipt, this antibiotic should be kept at minus twenty degrees Celsius to retain its quality, activity and stability.
Expiry date The product Valinomycin can be used for 2 years if it is stored according to the instructions.
MDL Number MFCD00005114
PubChem CID 5649
Tips The product Valinomycin is intended to be used for research purposes only. It is not manufactured for application in diagnostics.
Alternate Name/Synonyms Cyclo(D-α-hydroxyisovaleryl-D-valyl-L-lactoyl-L-valyl-D-α-hydroxyisovaleryl-D-valyl-L-lactoyl-L-valyl-D-α-hydroxyisovaleryl-D-valyl-L-lactoyl-L-valyl)
Appearance White solid
Formulation N/A
Peptide sequence N/A
Molecular Formula C₅₄H₉₀N₆O₁₈
Molecular Weight 1111.32
Purity ≥99%
Solubility/Reconstitution Instructions DMSO (25 mM) or EtOH (25 mM)
Handling Protect from light and moisture
Tagline A highly selective K⁺- ionophore
Storage Temp. -20°C
Shipping Conditions gel pack
Shelf Life 24 months
Category Biochemicals
Gene targetValinomycin
Short name Valinomycin
Alternative name Valinomycin
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