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15 cis Phytoene 90%

15 cis Phytoene 90% is available 2 times from Trca labs

P398805 | 15-cis-Phytoene (90%) size: 250 µg | 395.18 USD

Catalog number P398805
Supplier trca
Price 395.18 USD
Size 250 µg
Stock availability In Production
Cas number 13920-14-4
Chemical's molecular weight 544.94
Chemical's category Aliphatics
Other name 15-cis-7,7',8,8',11,11',12,12'-Octahydro-ψ,ψ-carotene; PhytoflORAL; 15-cis-7,7',8,8',11,11',12,12'-Octahydro-lycopene;
Chemical's formula C40H64
Physical properties Clear Colorless Oil
Storage Amber Vial, -20˚C Freezer
Gene target15-cis-Phytoene
Short name 15-cis-Phytoene (90%)
Alternative name 15-cis-Phytoene (90%)
1. Gene info
Identity 37571
Gene PIRC67
Long gene name piwi-interacting RNA cluster 67
Locus 15
Discovery year 2009-11-05
Entrez gene record 100313817
Pubmed identfication
  • 17881367
  • Piwi-interacting RNA clusters
Product images

P398807 | 15-cis-Phytoene-d6 (major) >90% size: 0,5 mg | 817.10 USD

Chemical available in other sizes Please inquire size and price
Chemical's main applications Intermediate in the biosynthesis of carotenoids
Melting temperature N/A
Boiling temperature No Data Available
Chemical's soluble in Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate
Stability conditions No Data Available
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15-cis-Phytoene (90%) | Technique alternative | 01012328841
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
  • 15-cis-Phytoene
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