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EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp

EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp is available 1 time from Bullet blenders labs

HR0005-6 | EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp size: 1 | 285.09 USD

Catalog number HR0005-6
Price 285.09 USD
Size 1
Bulletblenders sonication use Accessory
The use of this ultrasonic sonicator Shaker
Weight of the sonicator or reagent 1
Harmonized code of the instrument 9018.90.8000
Nature of the sonication instrument or reagent for cell lyzis Magnetic EZ-Clamp for use with Helix orbital shakers. Designed to hold test tube racks.
Unit of homogenizing sonnicator sold each
Technical cell or tissue disruption Homogenisation and disruption can be achieved by the mechanical Bullet blenders in a simular way but with less heating as with sonicators for cellular disruption and lysis. Instread of using sonication with utrasonic disruption of cells or tissues, the bullet blender technique and bullet blender gold will use gentle and heat absent cell lysis. Bullet Blenders can use more than 50gr of cell quantities. Homogenisers of French press for e.Coli lysation are less performant than bullet blenders even with 2 passages at 15,000 psi! DNAse can be added to preserve DNA for degradation for Epigenetics applications or for PCR.
Gene targetEZ-Clamp Test Rack Clamp
Short name EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp
Technique tube
Alternative name EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp
Alternative technique tubes
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EZ-Clamp Test Tube Rack Clamp | Technique alternative | 0101
EU:+32-(0)1-658-90-45 US:+1-(408)780-0908 [email protected]
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